Music has been a huge part of my life – primarily as a music teacher in school, but also as someone involved in music worship since the mid-1970s as singer, guitarist and keyboard player.

I consider music a very important part of any Christian gathering and you’ll see that on every lesson plan a song is always included, chosen to be closely linked to the theme where possible.  You might wonder why there is only one song. Why not more, especially given my background?

I often think I would like to add more music to our sessions, and maybe another group of children would respond differently, but in our Aslan group some love to sing while others really don’t!  Others join in when they are younger, but then decide they don’t want to any more.  Because of this, and as a compromise, we continue to only have one group song, which all accept as the norm. However, for the one boy who loves music more than any other activity, we make special arrangements to have extra songs in a separate room when the others are working through their activities. He loves this time and enjoys the opportunity to choose his favourites.  Also, interestingly, one mum sent me a lovely video of her daughter dancing at home to one of the songs, while at Aslan she is very shy and doesn’t sing, dance or join in!

Adult Group

By contrast, in our Adult Aslan group, which has been meeting once a month since March 2019,  there is a great response to music! The majority want to sing, wave flags and dance. I love this aspect of our time together and I’m able to include several songs each time.

We even have a guitarist among them – an autistic young man of 30 who has regularly been playing as people arrive for coffee, and who I have now invited to lead with me. To help him with practising, I’ve set up a You Tube playlist of some of the songs we do and given him chord charts in the right keys so that he can enjoy playing along.

You Tube Playlists

I’ve now got three playlists on You Tube that I share here:

There is obviously an overlap and several songs appear on all 3 lists, but do take a look and save the lists if they are helpful to you.

Because of copyright reasons, I can’t share the chord sheets on this website, but can send a zipped folder of them to anyone. If you’d appreciate a set please email me and I’ll send them to you.


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