Kindle + Apps

When we started out, we were given a Kindle Fire which is used by our Level 1 boy as a reward for completing his activities. I download apps and videos in advance and then turn off the wifi connection so that there are no adverts, which can be a constant distraction.

Recommended Apps:

  • The Bible App for Kids, from the makers of the YouVersion Bible App. It has many free, engaging, interactive stories which are suitable for the Level 1 and 2 children. At the end of each story there’s also an optional fun activity. I found the background music quite irritating, but you can it off under ‘settings’! Many of the stories fit in with the lessons on the website. Thoroughly recommended!
  • Noah’s Ark – TabTale
  • Moses – TabTale
  • David & Goliath – TabTale

Downloading You Tube videos to watch offline: 

  • Using RealPlayer, simply download any YouTube videos. They are automatically saved in ‘Videos’ as a folder called RealTimes.
  • Connect your kindle via lead to your laptop or computer.
  • Open up internal storage on the kindle.
  • Create a folder eg ‘Song Videos’.
  • Drag or save the videos from your computer to the folder.
  • On your kindle, you will find them in ‘My Videos’ folder.

I have downloaded lots of songs from the Songs for Aslan YouTube playlist.

In recent months I’ve added another 3 Kindle Fires to our resources as I’ve found 2 apps in particular very useful for those at Level 4:

  • Superbook – Bible app – easy to find verses. There are a few versions of the Bible. I use the NLT on this app. There are games, character profiles, video clips. All free!!
  • Minecraft – essential!

I managed to get the Kindles when they were on offer,  and being able to duplicate all the apps across the devices keeps the costs down.

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