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Old Testament

The aim of these sessions is to convey a sense of wonder about the world that God created – the sheer abundance of everything and His generosity in giving us so much to enjoy. For levels 1,2 and 3 there is a craft that runs through all 3 sessions, building up week by week, as well as several other activities.

Bible Reference: Genesis 1

Sun, moon, stars

Y 1 . S e p : 1


Trees, plants, fish, birds

Y 1 . S e p : 2



Y 1 . S e p : 3


This session is about Noah. This is a story known by many children but it is a challenge to get away from the nursery view of lots of pairs of cuddly animals boarding a clean and beautifully crafted ark! The story is one of God’s regret and sadness about how people had chosen evil over good, but it is important to balance that with the rainbow promise of his love and reassurance that the earth will never again be destroyed by a flood.

Bible Reference: Genesis 6-9


Y 1 . N o v : 2


The life of Joseph is an exciting one, full of twists and turns. In these 6 sessions we learn about his strong faith in spite of the devastating effects of jealousy, lies and cruelty. We also learn about the unfolding of God’s plan which had such far-reaching consequences for Jacob’s descendents, the Israelite people.

Bible Reference: Genesis 37-47

Coat and Dreams

Y 1 . M a y : 1


Joseph Sold

Y 1 . M a y : 2


Joseph in Prison

Y 1 . M a y : 3


Pharaoh’s Dreams

Y 1 . J u n : 1


Brothers go to Egypt

Y 1 . J u n : 2


Family Reunited

Y 1 . J u n : 3


These 6 lessons on the birth, life and death of Moses take us from his extraordinary upbringing in the Pharaoh’s Palace right through to the time when Joshua was appointed as next leader of the Israelites and led them into the Promised Land.

Bible References: Exodus: chapters 1-25, Joshua: 6

Burning Bush

Y 2. O c t : 1


Red Sea

Y 2 . Oct : 3


10 Commandments

Y 2 . N o v : 1



Y 2 . N o v : 2


Battle of Jericho

Y 2 . N o v : 3


Gideon wasn’t a superhero! Like Moses, he was fearful of what God was calling him to do. However, God saw potential and patiently encouraged Gideon to trust that he would help him. These 3 lessons cover the story of Gideon from the time he was hiding in a winepress through to victory over the Midianites.

Bible References: Judges, chapters 6 and 7

God calls Gideon

Y 2. J a n : 1


Called but Unsure

Y 2 . J a n : 2



Y 2 . J a n : 3


Samson is known as the character who had the gift of amazing strength. God gave him this ability to use in the defence of the Israelites and to help free them from the Philistines who terrorised them. Samson’s life is a strange one. He was used by God but he was also tempted into making some seriously bad choices! The Bible doesn’t gloss over the failures of people, but this story reminds us that God can use anyone to fulfill his purposes and that the only perfect person who ever lived was Jesus.

Bible references: Judges, chapters 13-16


Y 2. Mar : 1



Y 2 . Mar : 2



Y 2 . Mar : 3


This set of lessons takes us from the time of the judges, a period of 300 years, to the first kings of Israel – Saul and David. The last judge was Samuel, a godly man who was born to Hannah after much prayer. When he grew up, Samuel was led to appoint Saul as the first king. At first Saul was successful, listening to God through the messages of Samuel, but then he made independent decisions which angered God. Samuel was then told to anoint the next king – David. This is the great story of God looking on the heart – a great message!

Bible references: 1 Samuel 2, 10 and 16

Last Judge

Y 2. May : 1


First King

Y 2 . May : 2


David Anointed

Y 2 . May : 3


In this series we begin by looking at the story of David and Goliath, then go on to learn about the strong friendship between David and Jonathan. In the third session, we see how David was the author of about half of the Psalms contained in the Bible. David was not perfect, as we know from his relationship with Bathsheba, but an immensely capable man with a deep trust in God and a gift of expressing worship that hundreds of generations have benefited from.

Bible references: 1 Samuel 17 and 18, Psalms 19, 23 and 139

New Testament

These sessions are about Jesus growing up. Jesus was a child, like all of us, and lived with a family of brothers and sisters. These sessions give an insight into what life might have been like for him in his young years and take us through to the start of his public ministry.

‘The child grew up healthy and strong. He was filled with wisdom, and God’s favour was on him’ Luke 2:40 NLT.

Bible Reference: Luke 2, Matthew 3

Life in Nazareth

Y 1 . O c t : 1


Jesus in the Temple

Y 1 . O c t : 2


Jesus is Baptised

Y 1 . O c t : 3


The Nativity story is important to tell every year. This year I have used the Bible Society video and script ‘The well good news of Christmas’. There is also a session on explaining the meaning behind Christmas decorations, involving card-making (enjoyed at all levels!) and I’ve added our plan for the Christmas party – some familiar routines, but extra food at snack time, and games instead of learning activities.

Bible Reference: Luke 2

Jesus is born

Y 1 . D e c : 1


Interactive Nativity

Y 1 . D e c : 2


Christmas Party

Y 1 . D e c : 3


The 2 sessions for Christmas this year include the activity of creating Herod’s palace using Minecraft for the Level 3 and 4 children and delving into some of the prophecies made about Jesus in the Old Testament.

The Birth of Jesus

Y 2 . D e c : 1


Jesus Prophesied

Y 2 . D e c : 2


The 2 sessions for Christmas this year focus on God’s plan and purpose for Jesus coming to earth. We celebrate the amazing circumstances and rejoice in a new-born baby at Christmas, but God knew Jesus would be sacrificing his life for us. Using the candy cane and then the Christingle as symbols are fun and enjoyable, but both remind us of the greater truth and reason for his birth.

God’s Plan

Y 3 . D e c : 1



Y 3 . D e c : 2


These sessions are about Jesus calling his disciples. This group of friends were very important to him, but were just ordinary people. It is helpful to focus on how each of us needs other people and that everyone is different. God has made each of us unique.

Bible Reference: Mark 1-3, Luke 5

Jesus Calls His Disciples

Y 1 . J a n : 1


Fishers of Men

Y 1 . J a n : 2


Jesus calls Matthew

Y 1 . J a n : 3


Jesus performed many miracles, he healed many people and he taught thousands. His first miracle was when he turned water into wine to bring joy to the host and the guests; he healed a blind man to show God’s power (Jn 9:3); and, in the Beatitudes, he taught people the way to feel close to God. In these three examples we see the love, power and wisdom of Jesus.

Bible Reference: John 2, John 9, Matthew 5

Water into Wine

Y 1 . F e b : 1


Jesus Heals the Blind Man

Y 1 . F e b : 2


The Beatitudes

Y 1 . F e b : 3


These 5 sessions cover the last week of Jesus’ life and then his ascension into heaven. It’s good to take time to help children to understand the significance of these events as being central to the Christian faith (however challenging it may prove to be!).

Bible Reference: Mark 11, Mark 14, John 18, John 19, Acts 1


Y 1 . M a r : 2


Jesus clears the Temple

Y 1 . M a r : 3


Last Supper

Y 1 . A p r : 1


Death and Resurrection

Y 1 . A p r : 2



Y 1 . A p r : 3


This is a single session summarising the days leading up to the resurrection of Jesus and is suitable for Easter Sunday.


Y 2 . Apr : 1


These lessons give an opportunity to think about why we pray, who we pray to and what Jesus taught his disciples about prayer.

Bible Reference: Matt 6

Our Father

Y 1 . J u l : 1


Who, What, When?

Y 1 . J u l : 2


We know that Jesus healed many people. Here are three wonderful examples.

Bible References: Mark 2, Luke 17, Mark 5

Paralysed Man

Y 2 . S e p : 1


10 Lepers

Y 2 . S e p : 2


Jairus’s Daughter

Y 2 . S e p : 3


This section includes 3 of Jesus’ best known parables – great stories with important teaching points about listening and remembering, being loved and caring for others.

Bible references:  Mark 4, Luke 14, Luke 10 (25-37)

The Sower

Y 2 . F e b : 1


The Great Feast

Y 2 . F e b : 2


The Good Samaritan

Y 2 . F e b : 3


Two popular and well-known stories: Jesus calming the storm and Jesus walking on water. Plenty of opportunity here to talk about miracles and faith.

Bible references:  Mark 4:35-41,  Matt 14

Walking on Water

Y 2 . Apr : 3


These sessions focus on thinking about who Jesus was – a man living in Galilee and experiencing relationships with others as we do; and as ‘The Light’ and ‘The Gate’, guiding us through life and inviting us to become part of his family.

Bible references:  John 8:12 and John 10

The Light

Y 2 . Jun : 1


The Gate

Y 2 . Jun : 2


The first session here looks at what Jesus meant when he described us as salt and light – an opportunity to taste crisps with and without salt! Feeding the 5000 is one of the best known stories in the New Testament with its themes of generosity, practical care and the miraculous.

Bible references:  Matt 5 and Mark 6

Salt & Light

Y 2 . Jul : 1


Feeding 5000

Y 2 . Jul : 2


Extra Topics

We regularly have baptismal services in our church for children and adults who profess faith in Jesus. This session is about how we do it at Tonbridge Baptist Church, looking at what it means to be baptised and the practical steps of preparation –  to encourage discussion and show that it is for everyone, including those with additional needs!

I have found that making cards is something that all abilities enjoy. Mother’s Day can be challenging for those children who don’t live with their birth Mums, but focussing on thanking the primary caregiver is a positive way of dealing with it.

Mother’s Day

Y 1 . M a r : 1


Father’s Day is a good time to think of our dads and to say thank you. However, we all know children who don’t live with their biological dads. Some have good relationships and will be able to participate in this activity easily but others will struggle. I’ve adapted the first activity sheet for the child who wants to give the card to their father figure, but who they don’t call ‘Dad’. That sheet is included at the end set of activity sheets.

Father’s Day

Y 2 . Jun : 3


This session reinforces that we are all made by God. Each of us is unique and has different gifts and abilities. The important lesson from this is that God has no favourites. All of us are special to him regardless of how we look or what we can do. The video of Max Lucado’s book ‘You Are Special’ is a great starting point!

I have set the session up as a New Year activity, but it could equally be used at the beginning of a school year. All the word documents are included in the ‘All Content’ folder and dates can be adapted.

You’re Special

Y 3. Jan : 5