Kindle + Apps

When we started out, we were given a Kindle Fire which is used by our Level 1 boy as a reward for completing his activities. I download apps and videos in advance and then turn off the wifi connection so that there are no adverts, which can be a constant distraction, although it is useful if you want to watch song videos (see below).

I have downloaded a number of apps and would recommend the following:

  • The Bible App for Kids, from the makers of the YouVersion Bible App. It has many free, engaging, interactive stories which are suitable for the Level 1 and 2 children. At the end of each story there’s also an optional fun activity. I found the background music quite irritating, but you can it off under ‘settings’! Many of the stories fit in with the lessons on the website. Thoroughly recommended!
  • Noah’s Ark – TabTale
  • Moses – TabTale
  • David & Goliath – TabTale

In the early days I found an app which enabled me to download You Tube videos. The boy who uses this Kindle loves music and he enjoys finding his favourite songs. Unfortunately that app is no longer available (I’m still trying to find another one!), but if you are able to get wi-fi, you could download the vTube app for You Tube and enjoy some great children’s worship songs online,  such as the following:

  • Our God is a Great Big God
  • God’s love is Big
  • I am free (lego Kid’s worship)
  • Hosanna Rock
  • I wanna praise you for my voice
  • Who is the King of the Jungle
  • Jump (Go Kids Music)
  • Tell the World (Hillsong)
  • Fruit of the Spirit
  • Jesus, you’re my superhero
  • Going on a Journey

In recent months I’ve added another 2 Kindle Fires to our resources as I’ve found 2 apps in particular very useful for those at Level 4:

  • Superbook – Bible app – easy to find verses. There are a few versions of the Bible. I use the NLT on this app. There are games, character profiles, video clips. All free!!
  • Minecraft – essential!

I had been using my own iPad and borrowing my husband’s, but I managed to get the Kindles when they were on offer,  and being able to duplicate all the apps across the devices keeps the costs down.

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